Takachiho Ravine


Takachiho Ravine (高千穂峡) is a valley located north-western Miyazaki prefecture. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Kyushu. This ravine was created by volcanic activities of Mt. Aso. It has beautiful cliffs which are about 80m to 100m tall and its length is about 7km long. Manai Fall which is one of 100 best Japanese waterfalls run into this ravine. There is a boat riding which you can enjoy this waterfalls and cliff very close.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Boat riding: 1500 yen for 30 min.

0. from Takachiho.
1. use bus to boatnoriba.

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周围的地图 Takachiho Ravine


Takachiho Ravine

The view of Takachiho is registered as National Scenic Beauty and Natural Monument.

Manai Falls
... is one of 100 best Japanese waterfalls. It is 17m tall. Legend said, this waterfalls was made by Amenomurakumonomikoto because there was no water around here when the first emperor Jinmu arrived here. At summer, it will be lighten up.