Tadachi Falls


Tadachi Falls (田立の滝) is one of 100 best Japanese waterfalls located in Nagiso, Nagano Prefecture. There are many waterfalls along Otaki River. The name Tadachi Falls is the collective term of those waterfalls. It is designated as the scenic beauty of Nagano. It is a popular hiking course to enjoy many waterfalls and great view from the top of Fudo Rock.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom at parking.
Admission: 200 yen.
Hiking takes 3 hours. Requires nice shoes for hiking.

0. at Nagiso Station.
1. use JR Chuo Line to Tadachi (10 min.)
2. take a taxi to its parking (20 min.)


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周围的地图 Tadachi Falls


Tadachi Falls

-Rasen Falls-
Rasen literary means spiral. The shape of the falls is spiral.

-Kiri Falls-

-Tenga Falls-
It is the major waterfalls of Tadachi falls. It is 40m tall. It was used to be the sacred waterfalls which only priest could climb up.

-Fudo Falls-

-Kakuyoku Falls-

-Uruu Falls-