Sumatakyo Onsen


Sumatakyo Onsen (寸又峡温泉) is Onsen town located in the deep side of mountain in Shizuoka. Its Onsen is also known as Bijinzukuri no yu, "Onsen for making beautiful women." The public Onsen has great view of South Japanese Alpine. In spring, there are many Sakura and Ume bloom. In summer, you can enjoy beautiful green mountain and, in autumn, there are are beautiful Koyo, autumn tints, you can enjoy.

Tourist Info.
During autumn, there are many people visit here for Koyo. So, the public Onsen will be very crowed.

0. at Shizuoka Station.
1. use JR Tokaido Line to Kanaya (32 min.)
2. use Oigawa Line to Senzu (60 min.)
3. use Minami Arupusu Abuto Line to Okusen (30 min.)
4. use Bus to Sumatakyo Onsen (30 min.)

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Sumatakyo Onsen

Onsen Type: Sulfur Bath
Effects: Skin care, abrasion, and diabetes.
There are 18 Onsen Hotels in Sumatakyo Onsen. Not only Onsen and Great Valley, but you can also enjoy great mountain food, such as boar and deer meats. All through the seasons, many people visit here for great mountain hiking.