Shiobara Valley


Shiobara Valley (塩原渓谷) is located in the north mountains of Tochigi prefecture. It is known as the valley of Waterfalls and Rocks because there are about 100 waterfalls in this valley. During the Koyo season, it has great Autumn leaves. In all season except winter, you can enjoy hiking with beautiful nature.

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There are many parking for each spots.
This valley has many Onsen.

0. at Nasushiobara Station.
1. use bus to Shiobara Onsen.
2. use local bus to Ryukanotaki.


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周围的地图 Shiobara Valley


Shiobara Valley

There are several hiking courses which you can chose from short distance to long distance.

10 major waterfalls of Shiobara,
Ryuka Falls
Fu Fall
Mikaeri Falls
Hoko Falls
Raitei Falls
Suren Falls
Osutobi Falls
Senshin Falls
Nana Falls