Samono Shrine


Samono Shrine (讃甘神社) is where legend said Miyamoto Musashi invented his "Nitoryu, the two hands swords style." The Hirata Family, the family line of Musashi, were expert of Jutte weapon. When Musashi saw the drum demonstration played by the priest here, he was strongly impressed by the equal sound of both drum sticks. Then, he immediately came up with both hand from replacing from Jutte to Katana.

Visitor's Info.
There is parking.

0. at Tsuyama Station.
1. use JR Himeshin Line to Sayou Station (1 hr.)
2. use Chizu Line to Miyamoto Musashi (40 min.)
3. walk south (10 min.)

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Samono Shrine

Current Shrine was built in 1850. It was used to be located on the top of a mountain, but it was burnt down, and removed to this location. The name Miyamoto was named after this shrine. The site was called "O-Miya-no-moto, literary means around the shrine."