Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge


Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge (竜神大吊橋) is located in Hitachi Ota, Ibaraki Prefecture. It is one of the biggest suspension bridge in Japan. It is 446m long in total. It was placed on the Ryujin Valley in 1994. The height of the middle point from the bottom lake is about 100m tall. It is very popular spot in Hitatchi Ota, especially during Koyo.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom and gift shop.
Admission: 300yen for adult and 200 yen for kids.
Open: 8:30 to 17:00.

0. at Mito Station.
1. use JR Suigun Line to Hitachi Ota.
2. use local bus to Ryujinootsuribashi (40min.)

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Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge

It has great view of Rujin Dam and Ryujin Valley. Ryujin Valley is very popular Koyo spot in Ibaraki. There is a steps to reach the bottom of the lake so that you can look up this great bridge.

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