Ryugenji Temple


Ryugenji temple(龍源寺) is Buddhist temple located in Mitaka City, Tokyo. It is very famous temple where the tombs of Isami Kondo (近藤勇) and his family is located. Kondo is the commander of Shinsengumi (新撰組) which is the most famous and favorite Samurai force in the end of Edo period. After Meiji Restoration, Shinsengumi was fallen and Kondo was guillotined. After his execution, his family brought his body here and made made tomb. Now, as one of the bravest samurai, many people still visit his tomb and feel the turbulent and last period of Samurai. The greatest Samurai rest in peace at Ryugenji Temple.

Visitors Info.
There is parking for the visitors. This is the religious place, so be careful when you visit this temple and Kondo's tomb.

0. at Shinjuku Station
1. use Keio Line to Chofu (16 min.)
2. use local bus to Kokaidomae (10 min.)
3. walk west (15 min.)


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周围的地图 Ryugenji Temple


Ryugenji Temple

Feel the spirt of Isami Kondo who is the commander of Shinsengumi here in Ryugenji temple. At the gate of the temple, tehre is Kondo's statue are placed. Shinsengumi is the most famous and favorite Samurai force in the end of Edo period. Their achievement and success as the police force in Kyoto becomes many novels, movies and comics like "Ruronikenshin, るろうに剣心." This temple is the one of the real historic trace of Shinsengumi and Kondo.

After Kondo's execution, his body was brought here by his family. However, because he was the biggest criminal for new government, his family was hided for long time.

Now, many people visit this temple and his tomb to feel the real sprit of one of the last Samurai in Japan.