Ritsurin Park


Ritsurin Park (栗林公園) is a Japanese style garden located in Takamatsu, Kagawa pref. The garden of this park is designated as Special Scenic Beauty of Japan. It is considered as one of the best Japanese garden in the world. It was graded 3 stars spot in Michelin Green Guide Japon. There are about 1,400 pine trees, and 1,000 of them are Bonsai trees. There are many tea houses you can enjoy Japanese tea. Ritsurin park is not only beautiful with pine trees, there are also many flowers. Sakura and plums are very beautiful, as well.

Tourist Info.
Admission: 400 yen for adult, 170 yen for kids. There is a group discount from 20 persons.
Open: mostly from Sunrise to Sunset.

0. at Takamatsuchikko Station (10 min.).
1. use Kotohira Line to Ritsurin Park.
2. walk west (10 min.).




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周围的地图 Ritsurin Park


Ritsurin Park

Ritsurin park if one of the best Japanese garden. It is registered as the special scenic beauty of Japan, and chosen as 3 start spot in Michelin Guide. The size of the garden is one of the largest ones in Japan and contains many beautiful ponds.

This garden was established by the lords of Takamatsu. They spend over 100 years to complete this garden. The construction of this garden was not only the purpose for building a beautiful garden, but also it was solution for the employment issue. The lord of Takamatsu, Matsudaira clan, hired many dislocated workers to built this garden.

There are over 14,000 pine trees, 1,000 of the are Bonsai trees, six ponds and 13 artificial mountains which represent the seasons of Japan.

In Ritsurin garden, all kinds of seasonable flowers bloom from January to December. Therefore, it offers a beautiful flowers all though the year. Especially, Sakura, Iris, Plum and lotus are beautiful.