Nakatsu Valley


Nakatsu Valley (中津峡, nakatsukyo) is the valley located in Okuchichibu, Saitama prefecture. This valley is one of the most popular spot with autumn tint, best to visit in early November. Entire valley is about 10 km long, and 100 m high. It is best scenery of landscape of Saitama. You can enjoy camping, fishing and hiking.

Tourist Info.
There are many observation spot, and some of them have restroom and gift shop.

0. at Omiya Station
1. use JR Shonanshinjuku Line to Kumagaya (30 min.)
2. use Chichibu Line to Sanpoguchi (40 min.)
3 use local bus to Osuberi (1 hr.)


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周围的地图 Nakatsu Valley


Nakatsu Valley

Best to visit by Car.
You can enjoy watching great autumn leaves by driving, and there are many spot where you can enjoy great colors. At the river, you can enjoy fishing Charr, Trout, or Seema. There is also camping area.
This valley is the best view spot in Saitama, especially during the fall.