Koyo at Hotokuji Temple


Hotokuji Temple (宝徳寺の紅葉) is one of the Zen temples located in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture. It was established in 1450s and known as the temple of Koyo, the autumn leaves. Around the early November, over 100 maple trees have beautiful Koyo and also the surrounding mountains also have beautiful Koyo. On the floor of the main hall, it reflects the Koyo of the garden. Hotokuji has also great stone garden in front of the main hall. The red and orange leaves and the art of the stone gardens are a great harmony of Japanese spirits.

Visitor's Info.
There are restroom and parking.
The admission of the hall: 100 yen.
Time: 9:00 to 16:00

0. at north side of Kiryu Station.
1. use a local bus to Hotokuji Temple.


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Koyo at Hotokuji Temple
Hotokuji is Rinzai Buddhism located in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture. It was established in 1450's by the lord of Kiryu, Sano Masatune. The placement of the temple is located on the backside of Kiryu castle. So, it was very important to protect the castle.

It has a beautiful Zen hall that has an excellent stone garden. During the Autumn leaves' season, Koyo, it has a great reflection of Koyo on the floor. Koyo starts at the beginning of November to the middle. While the Koyo is happening, there is Koyo festival in this temple.

It is known as a unique Goshuin temple.

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