Mitake valley


Mitake valley (御岳渓谷) is a valley located in Okutama, Tokyo. It is one of the best spot to enjoy nature in Tokyo. It is chosen as one of 100 best pure water in Japan. So, it has a beautiful valley with pure water. There are 4km long walkways on the both side of the river to enjoy its fresh air and pure water. In summer, it offers beautiful green leaves, and it becomes one of the best Koyo spots in Tokyo. The access from the station is very convenient, and from Tokyo metro is very easy.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking and restroom.

0. at Haijima Station.
1. use JR Ome Line to Mitake.
2. walk.

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Mitake valley

Because it is located in the very convenient place from Tokyo metro, it is very popular nature spot in Tokyo. The water is very pure, and also known as the canoe spot in Tokyo.

Also, it is great spot for fishing, BBQ and hiking. One of the best spots for family activities and recreation place in Tokyo.