Masutomi Rice Planting


Masutomi Rice Planting (増富田植え体験) is an experiencing of rice planting offered by Masutomi, Yamanashi Prefecture. You will experience the traditional way of rice planting that means by hands. This events happens at the end of May, and also there is a harvesting after 5 monthes. They will also have mushroom planting and BBQ with fresh Organic pesticide-free vegetables and best chicken with those natural crops, and winery tour.

Tourist Info.
This events is for only foreigners in Japan or visiters. Please contact us for more information.
More information
Season: the end of May.
Time: 10:00 to 17:00

Hat, rain shoes, extra clothing including under wear, towel.

Need a car. Get off at Sutama exit of Chuo Expressway north to 141 to 601 to 23 to Mashitomi no yu.
Park at Mashutomi no yu Onsen.

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Masutomi Rice Planting

Rice Planting Experiencing is the seasonable event held at Mashitomi, Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture. The rice planting is happening at the end of May at Masutomi and harvesting at October. People will try the traditional way of rice planting by own hands and feet.

Rice planting starts at 11am and finish at 1pm. After that, we have mushroom planting, BBQ and Winery tour. We have also walking beautiful riverside as well.