Mamenhara highland


Mamenhara highland(麻綿原高原) is a highland garden, which has over 20,000 Ajisai planted, located between Otaki and Amatsu in Chiba. The top of mountain is about 340m high. During the season of Ajisai blooming, many people visit this place and enjoy Ajisai.

Tourist Info.
There is public parking: 500 yen

0. at Kisarazu station
1. use JR Uchibo Line to Awakamogawa (1hr.)
2. use JR Sotobo Line to Awaamatsu (5min.)
3. ues local bus to Kiyosumidera
4 walk (1hr.)



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周围的地图 Mamenhara highland


Mamenhara highland

Legend said, one of the highest Buddhist monk, Nichiren had "Satori" at this place. This highland park opended in 1953. It was reused old temple. This is chosen as the 100 best place of sound and landscape because in summer, Japanese balm cricket makes great sound here.