Kyokusui no En


Kyokusui no En (曲水の宴) is the biggest ceremony in Dazaifu TEnmangu Shrine. It is literary means the ceremony of poem on water. It was originated as early March ceremony in the ancient China. It has poem writing and reading, traditional dance performance such as Shirabyoshi Dance, and parade. All poets are dressed traditional Japanese novel clothing.

Tourist Info.
It happens at the first Sunday of March.
Parade starts at 12:00 and the ceremony starts at 13:00.

0. at Hakata Station.
1. use Fukuoka Subway to Tenjin (6 min.).
2. use Nishitetsu Fukuoka Line to Nishitetsu-Futsukaichi (17 min.)
3. use Nishitetsu Dazaifu Line to Dazaifu (7 min.)
4. walk east (10 min.)

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周围的地图 Kyokusui no En


Kyokusui no En

Sugawara no Michizane joined this ceremony in 890 and wrote his poem. Kyokusui no En started in Dazaifu in 958 at first.

People wrote their poems on the side of a curved small river.

The Ceremony
Parade to the shrine.
Ritual at the shrine.
Opening ritual at the garden.
Dance of Tobiume.
Dance by Shirabyoshi.
Poets entry.
Drinking and writing poem.
Singing the poems.