Kurazukuri (蔵造り,kurazukuri) There are many building from Edo period. They are still used for the restaurant and stores. Modern and Tradition coexist here. There is a time chime from several hundreds years ago. If you want to see Japanese classic buildings which are not just standing but they are actually working, come and visit Kurazukuri.
Tourist info.
The city, Kawagoe, is known locally as "Little Edo", or Koedo, after the old name for Tokyo, "Edo". Kuradukuri is the small district which many building from Edo period are preserved.
0. at Omiya St.
1. use JR Saikyo Line to Kawagoe St. (18 min.)
2. walk north (20 min.)


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周围的地图 Kurazukuri



kawagoe is also known as "little Edo (koedo)" where many old classic style of Japanese building are still standing and practically used for stores and restaurants.
Some of the buildings were more than 200 years old. Those buildings are actually traditional storage. Because they have high standard of fire protection, after the big fire at 1893, people built Kura (traditional storage) as their houses and stores.
On the Kurazukuri strip, there are many restaurants, gift shops, food shops, and other stores are opens. About 5 million visitors visit at Kurazukuri. So definitively, one of the major travel spot nearby Tokyo.
One of the major symbol is Tokinokane (the time chime). First Tokinokane was built at 17th century. Current one was built at 1893 after the big fire.
In October, there is famous Kawagoe Festival with huge Float which appointed as one of Japanese National Treasure of Tradition and Culture.