KumanoKotai Shirne


KumanoKotai Shirne (熊野皇大神社) is one of three Kumano Shrine located Usui, Nagano. This shrine is very unique because it is located on the border line of Nagano and Gunma prefecture. On the Nagano side shrine is called KumanoKotai Shrine, and Gunma side is called Kumano Shrine. they both enshrined Holly sprits of Kumano. There is observation hill for viewing excellent site of Karuizawa and Mt. Myogi.

Visitors Info.
There is parking.

0. at Nagano Station
1. use JR Shinkansen to Karuizawa (33 min.)
2. use local bus to Usui Toge

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周围的地图 KumanoKotai Shirne


KumanoKotai Shirne

Enshrined God: Izanami no Mikoto, Yamatotakeru no Mikoto

Legend said when Yamatotakeru no Mikoto had his great eastern expedition in 110, he had to stopped his company by deep smog at Usui Mountain pass. Then, Yata Crow appeared and led him to the to of mountain. At the top of mountain, he saw Sagami Bay, and he brought back his memory of his wife who sacrificed her life to the Sabami Bay for quieting down the ocean.