Kouyasan Daimon


Daimon (大門) is the Main gate of Koyasan. It is the large red gate with Nio Statues constructed in 1705. The size of the gate is 25m tall and 21m wide and 8m deep. It is registered as the national important cultural assets. It has a beautiful sunset scenery. It is also registered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking.
There is restroom.

0. at Koyasan Stataion
1. use local bus to Daimon.


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周围的地图 Kouyasan Daimon


Kouyasan Daimon

Daimon was built in late 11th century as the gate of Koyasan. The current Gate was constructed in 1705.

21.4m wide
25.1m tall
7.9m deep

Agyo Statue
Made by Koui in Edo period.

Ungyo Statue
Made by Houkyou Unchou.