Katsuura Under Sea Tower


Katsuura Under Sea Tower (勝浦海中展望塔) is a tower built under sea water located Katsuura, Chiba. It is popular tourist attraction in Katsuura. The tower is 24m tall and 8m under the sea level. At the bottom observatory, you can enjoy many seasonable fishes. This place is located the meeting spot of hot and cold sea water. So, there are various kinds of fishes you can see.

Tourist Info.
Open all year.
Office hour: 9:00 to 17:00 (Last entry 16:30)
Admission: 930 yen for adult, 460 yen for Junior high and elementary school, 200 yen.
There is a group discount.

0. at Chiba Station.
1. use JR Sotobo Line to Ubara Station.
2. walk south(15 min.)

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周围的地图 Katsuura Under Sea Tower


Katsuura Under Sea Tower

There is 96 steps and no elevator is available.

The tower was constructed in 1980. It is the biggest underwater town in eastern Asia. The observatory is located 8m under the sea level. There are 24 windows that offers you the 360 panorama view of pacific ocean.

Because this is located where hot and cold water meet, there are various kinds of fish live around the tower. Over 20 kinds of fishes you can enjoy, and sometimes, you can see sharks.

There are ocean museum, restaurants and gift shops around the tower.

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