Jao Falls


Jao Falls (蛇王の滝) is one of the great waterfalls located in Nikko city, Tochigi Prefecture. It is 100m tall waterfalls running into Kinu River. There are many beautiful Maple Trees and Buna trees around the falll, and it has a great Autumn leaves around the end of October. There are 300m long short walking trail to see the waterfalls.

Tourist Info.
There is parking.
No restroom.

0. at Nikko Station.
1. use Tobu Nikko Line to Shimo Imaichi Station.
2. use Tobu Kinugawa Line to Kinugawa Onsen Station.
3. use local bus to Jaonotaki.


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周围的地图 Jao Falls


Jao Falls
Type: Straight Falls
Height: 100m

Jao Falls is one of the waterfalls located in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture. Jao means the king of the snakes. It was named because it is looks like snake. The underground water from Lake Chuzenji spring out and make this waterfalls.

There is a beautiful Koyo leaves around the beginning of November.