Ishikura Brewery Hyakunengura


Ishikura Brewery Hyakunengura(石蔵酒造博多百年蔵) is one of the oldest Sake Brewery in Fukuoka. It is over 140 years old. Their building is also about 140 years old. You can buy great fresh Sake directly brewed. They have great tasting for all seasonable Sake. It is very popular tourist spot as well.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Open: 10:00 to 17:00

0. at Hakata Station.
1. use Fukuoka Subway to Nakasu-kawabata.
2. change the line to Kenchoguchi.
3. walk south (10 min.)


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Ishikura Brewery Hyakunengura

There are always several Sake for tasting.
Also, there is a cold fresh Sake barrel which you can directly pour into a bottle for purchasing.

Also they have all other kinds of Sake and Shochu brewed in all Kyushu, and great corrections of Fukuoka souvenirs.

Josui: Ginjo 15%
Iwaimedeta: Daiginjo 15%
Sengai: Junmai 15%
Genshu: for hot and ice 19%
Awayura: Sparkling 7%
Amaou: Sparkling 7%

Fresh Sake: Seasonable.

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