How to cook Liver Nira Itame


Liver Nira Itame is a "Liver and Garlic Chives Grill." It is very healthy Japanese food because you can eat lots of vegetable at once. The flavor is mostly soy sauce, but you can add garlic and ginger, too.

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How to cook Liver Nira Itame

- Pork livers
- Garlic Chives
- Bean Sprout
- Jew's-ear
- Sake
- Sesame Oil
- Flour
- Soy Sauce

First, put livers in a bowl and add salt.
Then, mix them well and wash with water.
Use towel to cut water.
Add flour on livers.
If you bought the one piece of liver, slice it like this size.
Fly them about 10 seconds with Oil (170c)

Next, remove the bottom and cut Garlic Chives 5cm each.
Cut reconstituted Jew's-ear half or 1/3 size.

Use sesame oil to cook.
Add the livers and garlic chives, then grill them for a couple of minutes.
Add Bean Sprout and Jew's-ear.

Add 2 table spoons of Soy Sauce and little Sake.
Use a strong fire and cook them quickly. Don't cook too much.

That's it.

Please enjoy healthy tasty Liver Nira Itame, please enjoy it.