Hotel Kinokuniya


Hotel Kinokuniya (旅籠紀伊国屋) is one of the traditional houses of Araijuku, Shizuoka Pref. Araijuku is the 31st post town of Tokaido Road. Kinokuniya was the high-rank hotel that the family of Shogun Stayed. Kinokuniya running their business over 250 years. This building was constructed in 1874. It has all features of Edo style architecture. You can feel the Edo period travelers life here.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Admission: 210 yen for Adult, 100 yen for kids.
There is a group discount.
Time: 9:00 to 16:30
Closed: Monday (When the Monday is a holiday, closed after the holidays.)

0. at Hamamatsu Station.
1. use JR Tokaido Line to Araimachi Station.
2. walk west.

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Hotel Kinokuniya
In the record of this hotel, it became the official hotel for the lord of Kisyu domain, one of 3 Tokugawa Shogun Families in 1703. So, Kinokuniya was a very old hotel of Tokaido Road. In 1716, they are given their name Kinokuniya and the owner of Kinokuniya became Samurai rank that allows them to carry Katana in 1745.

During the Edo period, Kinokuniya was one of the largest hotels of Araijuku. In 1874, the old building was burnt down and the current building was constructed. It has all the features of Edo style architectures.