Hokokuji Temple


Hokokuji (報国寺) temple was founded by the priest Butsujo Zenji who studied under the tenowned Buddhist priest Mugaku Sogen (1226-1286) when he was thirteen years old. There is tea house in the bamboo grove, flower garden, and central garden. This temple is one of the 100 eastern temples of flower.

Visitor Info.
Entrance fee: 200 yen
Open: 9:00 to 16:00
0. at Kamakura Station
1. use Keikyu bus to Jyomyoji (15 min.)
2. walk south (3 min.)


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Hokokuji Temple

This temple flourished as the family temple of both the Ashikaga and Usugi clans. Its founding pries was Tengan Eko (posthumous Buddhist name - Butusjo Zenji) who was a representative of the Zen literary movement known as Gozan Bungaku.

Butsujo Zenji was a high level priest. He studied under the priest Mugaku Sogen, who was invited from China and who was the founder of Engakuji Temple. He eventually traveled to China to continue his studies. Collections of Buddhist teachings, written in his own hand, "Tokishiyu" and his own personal wooden carved seals of "Tengan" and "Eko," are important National Cultural Properties and housed in the Kamakura Museum ofNational Treasures.

The temple is also famous for its Moso Bamboo gardens, and is sometimes called "Bamboo Temple."

There is tea house in the bamboo garden. You can enjoy great tea with quiet bamboo grove.