Hino Town


Hino Town (日野町) is one of the old merchant town located southern Siga Prefecture. There are many tarditional houses that are remaining since Edo period. The merchants of Hino were very strong as Omi Merchant. You will see the great traditional Japanese houses here. It is also the town of Gamo clan. Gamo clan is the very famous Samurai during Sengoku period.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom at the visitors center.

0. at Koka Station.
1. use JR Kusatsu Line to Kibugawa Station.
2. use Omi Line to Hino Station.
3. walk east.

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Hino Town

Hino is the merchant town located southern Siga Prefecture. The history of Hino appears since Yayoi Period. Later, Gamo clan built a castle and becomes castle town in Sengoku period.

The history of Omi Hino Merchant has over 400 years old. They sale the low price cups. Because it was very high quality and reasonable price, Omi Hino Merchant became very powerful through the Edo period.

Omi Hino Merchant Museum
One of the Omi Hino Merchant House that reformed as the public museum. It displays all kinds of records, treasures and historical materials.

Hino Visitor's Center
Hino was also very famous for drugs. This center displays the history and process of drug making.