Hino Machikado Museum


Hino Machikado Museum (日野まちかど感応館) is a visitor's center that use the trational house as the free resting place. It displays the Hino Drug that was one of the major products of Hino Merchant.
This house was Shono family's house. Shono was one of the founder of Hino Drug. There are a free restring place and cafe. It also sales the local products of Hino.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom at the visitors center.
Time: 9:00 to 17:00
Closed on: Monday.(When Monday is holiday, closed on Tuesday)

0. at Koka Station.
1. use JR Kusatsu Line to Kibugawa Station.
2. use Omi Line to Hino Station.
3. use local bus to Nishinomiya.

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周围的地图 Hino Machikado Museum


Hino Machikado Museum

Hino was also very famous for drugs. This center displays the history and process of drug making.

This building was used to be the house of Shono Genzo who made a Hino drug that was another main products of Hino Merchant.

Genzo studied the medical treatment when he was 18 years old when his mother became sick.

After he invented the great drug, he sold those drugs to many country sides where they don't have doctors.