Chinda Falls


Chinda Falls (沈堕の滝) is one of the waterfalls located in Southern Oita. It is about 17m tall and 97m wide. It is considered as Niagara Falls of Ono. There is another waterfalls called Medaki. That is 18m tall and 4m wide.

Tourist Info.
There is parking. No restroom.

0. at Bungo Takeda Station.
1. luse Houhi Line to Bungo Kiyokawa Station.
2. walk north

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周围的地图 Chinda Falls


Chinda Falls

Chinda Falls is one of the great waterfalls in Oita Prefecture. There are two waterfalls Odaki, 17m tall and 97m wide and Medaki, 18m tall and 4m wide. Because of the dynamic view with large amount of water makes the view as Bungo Niagara Falls or Ono Niagara Falls.

It was known as great waterfalls since old time. In 1476 the famous artist Sesshu visited and draw the picture. It also appears in Bungokokushi record writen in Edo period.
It was formed about 90,000 years ago by the eruption of Mt. Aso.