Amedaki Nunobiki Falls


Amedaki Nunobiki Falls (布引の滝) is one of waterfalls of Amedaki valley located in eastern Tottori prefecture. It is about 30m tall waterfalls. The water of the falls is underground water. So, the amount of the water would not change by the weather.

Touris Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at JR Sanin Tottori Station.
1. use Hinomaru Bus to last stop (1 hr.)
2. walk 40 (min.)

Car, 5 min. from Parking

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周围的地图 Amedaki Nunobiki Falls


Amedaki Nunobiki Falls

There is Amedaki Falls right next to this falls. Also, Amedaki Valley has 48 waterfalls.