Amedaki Falls


Amedaki Falls (雨滝) is one of 100 best Japanese waterfalls located in Tottori. It is 40m tall straight waterfalls. It was used to be practice place for Shugendo. Legend said, this water has a power to heal skin. Around the falls, there are 48 other waterfalls. It is also surrounded by beautiful green nature that offers great Koyo in Autumn and peaceful green in early summer.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at JR Sanin Tottori Station.
1. use Hinomaru Bus to last stop (1 hr.)
2. walk 40 (min.)

Car, 5 min. from Parking


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周围的地图 Amedaki Falls


Amedaki Falls

Amedaki Falls is upstream of Fukurogawa river, and water flowing from ?. Oginosen Falls at the height of 40m. As there used to be the sea at the ages she the Sea of Japan had formed, fossilized shells are found there in addition, it is famous for waterfalls. Along with large tree such as horse chestnut, pterocarya and capulidae, these 48 waterfalls create the amazing view.