Akashi Castle


Akashi Castle (明石城) is a hilltop castle located in eastern Hyogo Prefecture. It was constructed in 1618 by Ogasawara. This castle was used to be one of the largest castles in Japan. The lord of this castle had 100,000 kokus of the land and 2nd Tokugawa Shogun ordered him to built a great castle to protect Edo from the west. Two of the Keep towers are the original structure of this castle. Kon Yagura Keep it was removed from Fushimi castle. It is chosen as 100 best Japanese castles.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Kobe Station.
1. use JR Kobe line to Sanyo Akashi.
2. walk north.


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周围的地图 Akashi Castle


Akashi Castle
Type: Hilltop.
Built in: 1618 by Ogasawara Tadazane.
Class: Ruins.

In 1617, Ogasawara Tadazane was given the land of Akashi as 100,000 Koku. 2nd Tokugawa Shogun, Hidetada, ordered him to build a great castle to protect Edo from western rebellion. Therefore, this castle was also constructed by the Tokugawa Government. The main bailey, honmaru, is located on the top of the hill and other baileies and huge stone walls and moats are surrounding the main bailey. From the top of the hill, it has a great view of Sanyodo road and Set inland sea. Today, only stone walls and two keeps are remaining.

The basement of Tenshu-Kaku. Tenshukaku was never constructed.

The Stone walls
The height is about 20m tall and taking Edo style buildings.

It is also known as one of 100 best Sakura Spots.