How to Valentine


Japanese Valentine's day is very unique!

From the end of January, you will see sales sign of Valentine’s day every where. You may wander why every one sales only chocolate.

Japanese Valentine’s day is based on this rule. Girls give boys who they have love interest chocolate for showing their love to the boys. Giving chocolate is simply means “I love you.” So, it is the girls event. So, Japanese Valentine’s day rule: only girls give boys chocolate. No girls to girls or boys to girls. It will make nasty surprise to every one. You don’t want that. Worst things you can do is boys give boys chocolate. If you don’t know the rule, please don’t do it.



the Ronins 映画好き集まれ!


How to Valentine

There are two kinds of Chocolates in Japanese Valentine’s day. One is Homnmei chocolate, and other is Giri chocolate.
Homei Chocolate, means real one, is the one which you give it to your boy friend, husband, or to the person you want to propose. Honmei Chocolate tells “I love you.” Some people cook chocolate by themselves to impress how much they love their males. Of course, if you are not good at cooking, or no time to cook, you can buy special chocolate from everywhere. That’s why there are many stores sale special chocolate in this time.

Giri chocolate, means obligated one, is one which has no meaning of “I love you.” You give Giri chocolate to just male friends, families, co-workers, teacher or any other person. If you are truly respect some one like your father, or teacher, you should treat Giri chocolate as much as Honmei. You can also make it cheaper, especially to your male friends or co-workers. However, don’t make it too cheap. You can’t give this kinds of chocolate.

Let’s see watch kinds of special chocolate you can get in this time.

If you are female, this might be great chance to approach your love interest. If you are boy, make sure you can get chocolate, either Honmei or Giri.

Boys! Remember, if you got many chocolate from many people, you have to eat all chocolates. That’s the manner. Don’t let girls down.
Enjoy Japanese Valentine’s day. Must love Japanese Valentine’s day!