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Yuki (結城) is Edo Style town located in Ibaraki prefecture. There are many Edo style buildings remaining from Edo period and Meiji Period. Those buildings are called Misegura ( 見世蔵), shops and storage. Yuki was the castle town of Yuki clan. Temples of Yuki have also historical value. Shomyoji temple was built in Kamakura Period by the first Yuki, Yuki Tomomitsu. Gugyoji temples which built by Yuki Hideyasu, the son of Tokugawa Ieyasu, remains the original building which built in 1595. Yuki is also famous for its silk weaving, called Yuki Tsumugi. At Tsumugi no Yakata, there are demonstration of its weaving and coloring which you can also experience.

Tourist Info.
There are 31 Misegura.

0. at Mito
1. use JR Mito Line to Yuki (1hr. 10 min.)

0. from Tokyo (Ueno Station)
1. use JR Tohoku Line to Oyama (1hr. 15min.)
2. use JR Mito Line to Yuki (8 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Yuki Town
... is Edo Style building which made from wood and soil. It is a strong fireproof building, so many merchants built their store in this way. This style is also called Kurazukuri which commonly used for storage. Misegura is the same style of Kurazukuri, but the first floor is used as the store and the second floor was used for storage.

Yuki Tsumubi
... is the traditional silk weaving which performed for long time in Yuki. The history of Yuki Tsumugi has over 2,000 years. It appears in Japanese myth. It was developed as the secondary industry of Yuki Farmers. Today, it is registered as the intangible cultural asset and important craftworks of Japan. It is commonly used for clothing in Edo period. Yuki Tsumugi is widely used for all kinds of products not only Kimono, Japanese clothes, but also the groceries. Some of the complicated design takes over a year to make it because it's all hand made.

Mulberry is the featured fruits in Yuki, and it's jelly is popular around this area.
Yude Manju, boild rice cake with sweet beans, are also unique food in Yuki. It has very different taste compare to the ordinary Manju.

Tsumugi noYakata
Open: 9:30 to 17:00 (last entry 16:30)
Admission: shop and demonstration Free, Museum 200 yen,and experience 800 ~ yen.
There is free parking.