Worshipping Ise

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Worshipping Ise (お伊勢参り) is the most popular tourism in the history of Japan. Ise is located in Mie prefecture. The grand shrine of Ise, or Ise Jingu, is located in this place. Ise Jingu is the top of all Japanese shrines. It enshrines Amateras Omikami, the goddess of the Sun and the ancestor of the imperial family of Japan. It is considered as the most sacred place in Japan and spiritual homeland of all Japanese people. Therefore, the worshipping Ise is the most popular tourism since it was established and even today.

Tourist Info.
There are parkings and restroom for each shrines.
You must visit the outer shrine, Geku, then visit the inner shrine, Naiku.
At last, you visit Tsukuyomi Shrine.

0. at Iseshi station.
1. use local bus to visit all shrines.

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Worshipping Ise
Naiku, Kotaijingu
Enshrines: Amaterasu Omikami.
Originally, Amaterasu Omikami was revered within the Imperial palace by successive Japanese Emperors. However, in the era of the tenth Emperor Shoji, in awe of the divine authority of Amaterasu Omikami, the august mirror, the symbol of the god, was moved from the Imperial palace. After searching in other regions, finally in the twenty-six years of the reign of Emperor Suinin (4 B.C.), she decided upon the present sanctuary of Nakaku, by the upper Isuzu river, as the place where Amaterasu Omikami should be enshrined for eternity.

Geku, Toyoukedaijingu
Enshrines: Toyouke Omikami.
Geku was established in A.D. 477 in keeping with a divine decree of Amaterasu Omikami. It is dedicated to Toyouke Omikami, the god of clothing, food and housing, who is the provider of sacred foods to Amaterasu Omikami. The structure of the sanctuary of Geku is essentially the same as naiku's, and its annual ceremories follow the only in Geku sacred food offerings are made every morning and afternoon in the mikeden.These offerings of sacred foods are made to Amaterasu Omikami, enshrined in naiku, by Toyouke Omikami.Geku, like Naiku, is one of the main sanctuaries of Jingu, which consistues a single system.

Enshrines: Tsukuyomi no Mikoto.
Tsukuyomi-gu is one of the grand shrine of Ise. It enshrines, Tsukuyomi no mikoto, the god of moon and the brother of Amaterasu Omikami. There are 4 shrines in Tsukuyomi-gu: Nigimitama, the soul of the heart. Aramitama, the soul of the power. Izanagi no mikoto, the father of Japan. Izanami, the mother of Japan. This shrine appears in the record of 804.
After people worshiped at the grand shrien of Ise, Geku and Niku, they worship also this shrine.

Meotoiwa, the marriage rocks
Meotoiwa is two rocks rokated in Futamigaura of Ise. Legend said, when Amaterasu Omikami and other gods arrived at Ise, they use these rocks as torii gate. It is very famous worshipping place for sunrise. From May to July, the sun rise between these rocks.

Okage Yokocho/Oharai machi
Okage Yokocho is one of the popular shopping spot located nearby Naiku. There are 31 gifts shops, 10 restaurants and 5 other shops. You can enjoy great local foods and craftworks around Ise. Oharai machi is the leading road to Naiku. It is 800m long with many traditional buildings. They are also great shopping place, restaurants.