Utsunomiya Castle

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Utsunomiya Castle(宇都宮城) is located in Utsunomiya, Tochigi. It is one of the seven major Castles of Kanto. Current Castle is a park with ruins of moats, keeps and walls. Many people visit here to enjoy family activities and relaxing. It was built around the late 12th century. Utsunomiya Castle was very important castle to protect Kanto, especially Edo.

Tourist Info.
There are a parking, museum and restroom.

0. at Utsunomiya Station
1. use local bus to Utsunomiyajo Koen.


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Utsunomiya Castle

Castle Type: Flatland
Built in: Late 12th century
Class: Re-constructed

Utsunomiya Castle Park was built aimed at reconstruction of the main enclosure based on the historical records and findings of the excavation, invigoration of central city and local disaster preparedness. The earthwork, moat, turret and clay fence were restored to their original state of the mid-Edo Period. Utsunomiya Castle was originally built i the late Heian Period. DUring the medieval times, Utsunomiya family has been the castellan for 500 years, surviving the Sengoku Period. In the Edo period, it flourished as the castle for vassal Daimyo(feudal lord). This castle is also famous for the legend about hang ceiling and ranked as one of the seven great castles in Kanto.
This castle park is a new symbol of Utsunomiya - showing the history to the children who are responsible for the next generation and serving as a place of recreation and relaxation.