Tsuruga Castle

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Tsuruga Castle(鶴ヶ城), aka Wakamatsu Castle (若松城), is the main feature of Aizu-Wakamatsu. It is one of the 100 best Japanese castle and also known as Sakura spots. It was the one of the main place of the battle of Aizu in Boshin War. Therefore, historically it is very important castle. Many fans of Meiji Restoration and Shinsengumi, visit this castle. Recently, Kawara, the roof, were replaced in original red color, therefore, outlooks are almost the same as used to be during the end of Edo period.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking. Park opens 24 ours and there is a light-up for the castle at night.
Admission for Tenshukaku: 500 yen for adult. 150 yen for kids.
Open: 8:30 to 17:00 (last entry 16:30)

0. at Aizuwakamatsu Station.
1. use local bus to Tsurugajo

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Detailed Travel Guide

Tsuruga Castle

Type : Hilltop castle
Built in: 1384
Class: reconstructed

Originally, Tsuruga Castle was built in late 14th century. It was called Kurokawa Castle. In 1598, Gamo Ujisato became the lord of Aizu, and built a huge modern castle. He named his new castle, "Tsuruga." Also, he renamed the name of Town, Wakamatsu. He built 5 layered 7 stories Tenshukaku. Tenshukaku of Gamo was destroyed by the earthquake in 1611.

Kato Yoshiakira moved to Aizu in 1627 and built new Tenshu. It was remained until Boshin War.

In Boshin War, the land of Aizu was involved the war, and Tsuruga Castle was sieged by Meiji government, and later it was destroyed.

Current Tenshu was reconstructed in 1965. In 2011, the roof was re-patched in the original red color.

Today, it is one of 100 best castles, and 100 best Sakura spots.

The Main Bailey and its garden was rebuilt. There is a tea house where you can enjoy great tea.

-Roka Bridge Gate-
Ishigaki remains in the original structure.

The North Bailey.

Extended Western Bailey.

-Ninomaru and Sannomaru-
2nd and 3rd baileys.