Totoros forest - Mt. Hachikoku

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Mt. Hachikoku (八国山) is one of Sayama Hills located in Tokyo. It is a mountain with huge forest. This forest of Mt. Hachikoku is one of motifs of the movie "My Neighbor, Totoro." There are many place that appears in the movie in this mountain. It has about 2km long trail to enjoy a beautiful forest with many birds and insects. Hakkoku means 8 nations because it could see all 8 nations from this mountain.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking, but there is restroom.
No fire in this forest.

0. at Shinjuku Station.
1. use Seibu Shinjuku Line to Higashimurayaam.
2. change line to Seibu Seibuen Line to Seibuen (5 min.)

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Totoros forest - Mt. Hachikoku

Hachikokuyama Forest is one of Sayama Hills located in western Tokyo. It is a small mountain with beautiful forest. It remains the condition and view of old time of Musashino area. The trail is about 2km long. It offers nice hiking with both early summer for green leaves or late autumn for Koyo. The forest is very huge, therefore, wild birds and various kinds of insects live in this place.

The famous movie "My neighbor, Totoro" takes this forest as one of location in the movie. There is hospital and Jizo statues, tunnel of trees, and many other scenes that appears in the movie are in this forest.

-Shogun Zuka-
Dedicated for Nitta Yoshisada.