Torinoichi Festival

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Torinoichi Festival (酉の市) at Nishi Araitaishi Temple (西新井大師) is the last Torinoichi Festival of the year hold in Tokyo. Torinoichi Festival is the festival Held by Ootori Shrine. In Kanto, people buy their Japanese luck amulets in Torinoichi. It is an annual festival in Kanto. They held in day of Tori of Eto Animal. The day will be change every year.

Torinoichi Festival at Nishi Araitaishi is the last festival to buy Kumade in the year. It is also called Osamenotaishi (納めの大師). Not only Kumade stores but also there are many food stands are opened in this festival. You can enjoy great design of Kumade here.

Tourist Info.
There are many Kumade stores and other food stands are open.

0. at Ueno Station
1. use Hibiya Line To Nishiarai (18 min.)
2. use Tobu Taishi Line (2 min.)

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Torinoichi Festival
About Kumade
Kumade is one of the Japanese amulet for good luck. It is the lucky item symbolized Eagle claw to grab all happiness.
It is great for business success and family happiness.
You should buy small one in the beginning, then you buy bigger and bigger for coming years. So, you have to buy new one every year. This is because you want to make your business bigger and bigger in the feature.
You should put Kumade at the entrance or any where your customers can see it. After the one year pass, you bring this to the shrine and buy new one.