Tateyama Castle

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Tateyama Castle(館山城) is the Hilltop castle located in Tateyama, Chiba. The original castle was built in 1580 by Yoshitomo Satomi. It was been reconstructed in 1982 and the entire castle is now called Shiroyama Park. The main keep which stands on the top of the hill is the Satomi Hakkenden (里見八犬伝) museum, and the third floor is the observation stands which you can see great view of Tokyo Bay and Boso Peninsula. The hill is well preserved as the original shape of the hilltop castle, such as stone wall, moat and service area. The hill is only 70m high and the park has small zoo, playground, and flower gardens.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Admission fee for the museum: 150 yen for adult, 80 yen for kids.

0. at Kisarazu Station
1. use JR Uchibo Line to Tateyama (1 hr. 9 min.)
2. use local bus to Shiroyama Park


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Tateyama Castle
The castle was built in 1580 by Yoshitomo Satomi (里見義朝). In 1590, at the battle of Odawara, Satomi joined Hideyoshi’s military but because he broke the rule and late, Satomi lost half of his land. In 1600, he joined as Ieyasu’s military and protected Utsunomiya. When Ieyasu won the battle, his land was extended to Kashima. However, in 1614, he expanded this castle without the permission of Ieyasu, he lost all his land and entire his family Satomi has ended. When Satomi died, his loyal eight samurai also died with him. Their bones brought back to Tateyama and this eight samurai story become the famous samurai story, Satomi Hakkenden.

Shiroyama Park
… has Ume (Japanese Plum) garden and Tsutsuji (Azalea). It is also very famous for Hanami spot. The zoo has a great birdcage of Peafowl.