Kochi Tanaka Ryosuke House

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Tanaka Ryosuke House (田中良助旧邸) is Samurai House of Kochi. This house was constructed in 1862. Sakamoto Ryoma used to visit and play at this house. Ryoma and Ryosuke used to play Shogi, Japanese chess at this house.

Tourist Info.
There is parking, but no restroom.
Admission: Free
Time: 10:00 to 17:00

Need a car. Drive north route 270 from Kochi city.

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Kochi Tanaka Ryosuke House

Tanaka Ryosuke House is the Samurai House constructed in 1862. This house is the only remaining house that Sakamoto Ryoma had visited in Kochi.

There is a rock called Hachijoiwa. Ryoma and Ryosuke drank together and discussed about the future of Japan. Today, it has still the same great view of Kochi land.