Syasui Waterfall

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Syasui Waterfall (洒水の滝, syasuinotaki) is one of the best 100 waterfalls and water in
Japan. It's also chosen as one of the best 50 sight seeing
spots in Kanagawa. It is about 350 ft. height. The waterfall is
very famous for religious austerities. On July, there is a
big festival also known as Fire Festival. The Waterfall is
located in the beautiful mountain. There are many hiking
courses are nearby.
Tourist Info.
There are public restroom and free parking. Hotels and
restaurant opens. No charge for viewing.
0. at Kōzu St..
1. take Gotenba Line to Yamakita (23 min.)
2. walk south west (30 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Syasui Waterfall

When you are traveling from Tokyo by using route 246, visit Shasui waterfall because you can see one of the great waterfall just dropping by 5 min. from route 246 just before Shizuoka prefecture.
There are many food shops and restaurants around the fall. Take a nice breake with nice Shasui waterfall when you are drivng to west.