Sun Meadows Ski Resort

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Sun Meadows Ski Resort (サンメドウズ清里) is a ski resort with a great view of Mt. Fuji and Mt. Yatsugatake located in Hokuto city, Yamanashi Prefecture. The altitude is 1900m from the sea level, therefore it has a nice snow. There are 11 different courses and one kids' slope for a sled. The longest course is about 1.2km long and mostly for the intermediate and beginners. The access from Tokyo is very easy, therefore it is a very popular ski resort around Tokyo.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Season: the middle of Dec. to Early Apr.
Time: 8:30 to 16:30
Lift ticket: 4500 Yen for adult, 3500 Yen for kids.
There are ski gear rental and shops for accessories.

0. Kobuchizawa Station.
1. use JR Yatsugatakekogen Line to Kiyosato Station.
2. use a local bus to Kiyosato Highland park.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Sun Meadows Ski Resort
Sun Meadows Kiyosat SkiResort has one of the excellent access from Tokyo. It is about 3 hours from Tokyo and has a great nice powder snow with breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji in clear day. There are 11 different courses that include for both experts and beginners. Especially, the beginner course has 550m long easy slope for practicing. The altitude is 1900m from the sea level.

There is also a Snow land for kids. There are sled slope, and tire tube Merry-go-round where kids can play.

The longest course is about 1.2 km long and avarage angel is 18 degree. The steepest slope is about 26 degree.

At the information building, there are restaurants and cafe for a lunch and breaktime.

There is rental ski and snowboard gears and shop for the accesorries.

There is hald day tickets and family combo ticket that save money.

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