Sumiyoshi Shrine

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Sumiyoshi Shrine (住吉神社) of Fukuoka is one of three major Sumiyoshi Shrines in Japan. It was established in 927. The gods enshrines in this shrine have been worshipped for protecting the nation, and sea voyage since ancient time as well as for promoting Waka in Heian era. The main hall is built in 1623 by Kuroda Nagamasa.

Visitor’s Info.
There is no parking.

0. at Hakata Station.
1. walk south west (10 min.)

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Sumiyoshi Shrine

Enshrines: Sokotsutsunowonomikoto, Nakatsutsunowonomikoto and Uwatsutusunowonomikoto.

Sumiyoshi Shrine was established in the time of Japanese myth. Those enshrines gods appears when Izanagi the creator of Japan did Misogi in Kyushu. Therefore, it is one of the oldest shrine in Kyushu. There are 2,129 Sumiyoshi Shrine, and this one is the oldest Sumiyoshi Shrine.

About 1800 years ago, Empress Jinkou marched to Korea. She visited this shrine for safe sea traveling. This shrine helped her crossing sea. After that Empress Jinkou fully respected Sumiyoshi Shrine and built more at Osaka and Yamaguchi.

Not only seamen, Sumiyoshi Shrine had been highly respected by Samurai as well. Kusunoki Masashige, Minamoto no Yoritomo, Ashikaga Takauji worshiped this shrine.

Reitaisai, Yabusame and Sumo: October 12 13 14.