Suganuma Gassho Style House

Informasi Wisata

Suganuma (菅沼合掌造り集落) is one of Gassho Style House Residence in Gokayama. It is registered in UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has 9 remaining Gassho Houses. It has the light-up in February. There are two museums in Suganuma which display production tools of making gunpowders and local folkcraft.

Tourist Info.
Parking: 500 yen.
There is public bathroom at the parking.

0. at Takaoka Station.
1. use Local Bus(station 2) to Suganuma (2 hr.)
2. walk west (3 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Suganuma Gassho Style House
Gokayama Flokcraft Museum
The oldest Gassho Style House was used for the local folkcraft museum. There are 300 items are displayed.

Gunpowder Museum
... displays all tools and its process of making gunpowder in Gokayama.

Five rules you must comply strictly with:
1. No smoking in this area. Smoke only permitted place.
2. Don't enter sideways, gardens and farms. All of them are private properties.
3. No car entry. Give away for local cars.
4. Never visit this area too early in the morning and at night.
5. Bring your trash with you, and leave nothing here.