The statue of Motochika

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The statue of Motochika (長宗我部元親像) is located Hachiman Shrine of Kochi. Chosokabe Motochika is one of Sengoku Daimyo during 16th century. He conquered All Shikoku Island. When he was 22 years old, he joined the first battle. He prayed his victory at this Hachiman Shrine. This statue was built in 1999 for the anniversary for 400 years after his death. It is one of the coolest Statue of Samurai in Japan.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking. No restroom.

0. at Kochi Station.
1. use a bus to Nankaichugakudori.
2. walk (5 min.)


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The statue of Motochika
Chosokabe Motochika
(1539 to 1599)

Motochika is one of the Sengoku Daimyo who conquered Shikoku Island. He was born 1539 as the first son of 20th lord of Chosokabe clan.

When he was 22 year-old, he joined first battle at the battle of Nagahama. He fought bravely with his spear at the front line of the battle and lead his army to the victory. Before this battle, he prayed his victory at Hachiman Shrine.

In 1575, he conquered the land of Tosa, and made a alliance with Nobunaga. He supported Nobunaga from west side and moved to extend his land to all over Shikoku Island.

However, Nobunaga suddenly change his mind and betrayed Motochika. He planed to invade Shikoku, but he was kill at Honnoij in 1582.

During the confusion of Nobunaga's death, he conquered Shikoku Island.

In 1585, Hideyoshi, the successor of Nobunaga, Kishu and sent his brother Hidenaga with 100,000 army to invade Shikoku. Motochika fought against it, but defeated and surrendered to Hideyoshi.

He lost all other land of Shikoku except Tosa, and became the Daimyo of Hideyoshi.

Under Hideyoshi, he joined the siege of Odawara, Korean war and distinguished himself in many war.

Motochika died in May 19, 1599.