Maruoka Soun: Shodo and Hyogu

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Maruoka Soun Sensei (丸岡蒼雲) is the master of Shodo, Japanese calligraphy, and expert of Hyogu, japanese traditional Paper Hanger. With over 35 years experience of Shodo, and Hyogu, Maruoka Sensei creates the masterpiece of Kakejiku, the scroll picture. In this modern world, he still processes the traditional way of making Kakejiku without any modern materials and equipment. Because that is the best way of making Kakejiku. As the master of Shodo art, he always draws the calligraphy for his clients. His Shodo itself is already an art.

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Maruoka Soun: Shodo and Hyogu
Hyogu-shi (表具師)
... is craftworker who makes Japanese scroll pictures, frames, paper doors, Fusuma door or folding screen. It was imported from China with Buddhism in Heian Period (8th to 12th century). It began as the craftworker of making Buddhist Scriptures.

Later, Japanese unique house culture, Tokonoma which is an alcove in a traditional Japanese room where art and flowers are displayed, was developed during Kamakura to Muromachi era. Kakejiku was developed as the decoration of Tokonoma.

The Process of Making Kakejiku, scroll picture

As the master of Shodo, he draw the calligraphy for his clients. Therefore, his work is always the only one art in the world.

Step 1: Urauchi (backing the art and fabrics with Washi, Japanese paper)
Step 2: Cutting fabrics into a shape of the frame and putting them together. Then, Urauchi entire Kakejiku again.
Step 3: Add sticks and hanger.

”放下着” Hogejaku
It means "release all your outfits and make your soul naked." It's a word from "Zen." Release your unnecessary desires and purify your heart.

”獨醒” Dokusei
It means "achieve your enlightenment by yourself."