Soma Nakamura Castle

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Soma Nakamura Castle (相馬中村城) is located in Soma, Fukushima Prefecture. Constructed in 1649.
It was built in around the beginning of 9th century. Nakamura clan became the load of Soma in 1337. It is a hilltop mountain and the main bailey is 23m high from the ground. There are moats, stone walls and baileys preserved in great conditions. It is also well known as Sakura Spots.
In the middle of April, Cherry Blossom bloom beautifully.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Soma Station.
1. walk west (20 min.)


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Soma Nakamura Castle

Type: Hilltop.
Built in: Around 800 ACD by Sakanoueno Tamuramaro.
Class: Ruins.

Soma Nakamura Castle is one of the oldest castle in Japan. It was constructed the beginning of 9th century. In 1337, Nakamura clan took over this castle and controled this place.

During the Sengoku Period, this castle was important fortress for Soma Clan to against Date clan.

During Edoperiod, Soma clan moved their main castle from Odaka Castle to this castle and became the center of Soma Domain. In Boshin War in 1868, this castle was defeated by Meiji Government army and abandoned.

Otemon Gate
Constructed in 1649.

There are moat, stone walls and baileys are preserved in a great condition.

At the main baily, it has Soma Shrine, today.