Soga Japanese Plum Forest

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Soga "Ume," Japanese plum, Forest (曽我梅林, Soga Bairin) is one of the biggest Ume Hanami Spot in Kanto which located in Odawara, Kanagawa. It is also one of the 50 best landscape of Kanagawa. It has over 35,000 Ume trees planted in this forest. Soga Bairin is actually the Ume farm and it open for Hanami during the blossom season. There is festival with food stands and poem events. At the food stands, you can buy tasty local foods of Soga. With the clear sky, you can also watch Mt. Fuji from this forest.

Tourist Info.
There are many parking. Admission is free.
You can buy Ume trees here.

0. at Kozu Station.
1. use JR Gotenba Line to Shimosoga (4 min.)
2. walk south (10 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Soga Japanese Plum Forest

It is the biggest Ume forest in Kanagawa. You will surprise how huge it it. There are many kinds of festivals held during the blossom season. At February 11, there is Yabusame performance, horse archery, and Japanese Drums, traditional dance, and music are performed other days.

Another great feature of this forest is the great view of Mt. Fuji. This is one of the few spot where you can enjoy beautiful Ume blossom with Mt. Fuji as background.

Most Ume trees planted in this forest are white Ume. However there are also many Shidare Ume with red, and pink. Those beautiful Ume trees are for sale. So, you can buy beautiful Ume trees here, and enjoy for your garden.