Shoji Hamada Museum

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Shoji Hamada Memorial Mashiko Reference Museum (濱田庄司記念益子参考館) is a museum of ceramic artist, Shoji Hamada, located in Mashiko, Tochigi prefecture. Shoji was one of the most famous ceramic artist who was entitled as one of the first living national treasure of Japan. His house, storage and studio became the exhibition space for his works and his collections from all over the world.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Admission: 800 yen for adutle, and 400 yen for high school. Kids free.
There is a group discount.
Close: Monday(next day when monday is holiday).
Time: 9:30 to 17:00(last entry)

0. at Utsunomiya Station.
1. use local bus to Mashikosankokan (45 min.)
2. walk (3 min.)

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Shoji Hamada Museum

Shoji Hamada Memorial Mashiko Sankokan Museum is a ceramic museum located in Mashiko, Tochigi prefecture. This museum is called reference museum because Shoji want his works and other his collections from all over the world as reference for next generation artist. Shoji himself gathered many collections of ceramic when never he had a great impression.

There are many traditional houses and storages removed from around Mashiko. He believed that the inspiration of design comes from the daily life. Therefore, he set garden and farm for his living, and all of them were reference for his works.

It is a Nagayamon gate. It's a traditional gate for samurai house. It is used for exhibition, and displays Shoji's collection by seasons.

2nd and 3rd house
They are Stone storage made from Oya Stone. It displays western ceramics and eastern ceramics.

It is the traditional house of old land owner. It was used to be Shoji's house. It is also used as resting place, today.

There are and his notch and runners.

Shoji Museum
It is also Nagayamon House. It restored his office and room.

Shoji Hamada
(1894 to 1978)
Shoji was one of the most famous Ceramic artist in Modern Era. He was born in 1894in Tokyo. He moved to England and learn ceramics. After he came back from England, he lived at Okinawa. He moved to Mashiko in 1924. Until 1942, he bought many traditional houses around Mashiko and settled them as his studio and living space. He was one of the founder of "Mingei." Mingei is the craft art that started with his partner Yanagi and Kawai. In 1955, he was entitled as the living national treasure. He is one of the first living national treasure.

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