Shinrinyoku Tenbodai

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Shinrinyoku Tenbodai (森林浴展望台) is a walking trail under forest in Yatsugatake. It is about 1 hours of walking under beautiful nature. The altitude is over 2,000m from the sea level. You can enjoy Subapline zone's plants and flowers in this trail.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom at the station of the ropeway.
Ropeway: round trip for 1900 yen for adult, and 950 yen for kids.
There is a group discount.
Time: 8:40 to 16:40 (4/19 to 7/25, 9/1 to 10/31 weekday, weekend is 20 min early at the first and 20 late at the last), 8:00 to 17:00 (7/26 to 8/31) , 9:00 to 16:00 (11/1 to 4/5)

0. at Okaya Station.
1. use JR Chuo Line to Chino Station.
2. use local bus to Kitayatsugatake ropeway.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Shinrinyoku Tenbodai

Walking Forest and Observatory is one of the popular trekking spot in North Yatsugatake mountain. It is located upon 2,000m high from the sea level. It is very easy walk with wooden floor and if you use a ropeway, you don't need to climb up the mountain. You can enjoy Subalpine forest in this walk.

Tour is about 1 hour round trip from the ropeway station and It has a great view of Minami Alps, Kita Alps and Yatsugatake mountain.