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Shimoda (下田) is a port town with Onsen located south of Izu Peninsula. The port of Shimoda captures great fishes which offer tasty Sushi and Sashimi to travelers. There are lots of sightseeing spots such as Mt. Nesugata where has a great arial view of Shimoda Bay area. The scenery of Shimoda is very unique because there are lots of Izu style classic building, called "Namakozukuri," are remains since long time. Also, there are lots of free public hand Onsen and foot Onsen.

Tourist Info.
There is sightseeing Cruise at Shimoda Port.
Shimoda has lots of beautiful beaches and many people visit here in summer.

0. at Atami
1. use JR Ito Line to Ito (22 min.)
2. use Izu Express Line to Izukyushimoda (1 hr.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Shimoda as the Historical Site
About 3,000 years ago, people start live at this area. In 680, Izu country was born.
During the Edo Period, it was already popular Onsen Town.

US Navy Commodore Matthew Perry and the beginning of the new age of Japan.
In 1853, Commodore Matthew C. Perry sailed into Uraga in Tokyo Bay and asked that Japan open itself to foreign trade. Next March 1854, he returned to Japan with a squadron of nine ships to press his demands. Two ships were dispatched to Shimoda to investigate whether it could supply the water, charcoal and other materials needed by the American vessels. After the conclusion of the Treaty of Kanagawa, seven of Perry's ships entered the port of Shimoda.

On May 25, 1854, in the main hall of Ryosenji Temple, a plenipotentiary of the Edo government, Hayashi Daikaku, and the Commodore Perry of the US Navy concluded the Shimoda Treaty (13 articles) appended to the US-Japan Treaty of Peace and Amity Which opened the ports of Shimoda and Hakodate to American vessels and provided for the establishment of Consulates in both ports.

Shirahama Beach - The most famous beach of Shimoda. One of best 88 beaches of Japan.
Sotoura Beach - Great spot for windsurfing.
Kujyuppama Beach - small and quiet beach Nabeta Beach - Nearest beach from the town.
Tatago Beach - 450m white sand beach. Good for body board.
Irita Beach - Tropical Beach of Shimoda
Kisami Beach - the largest beach of Shimoda. 770m wide.
Touji Beach - quiet and interesting scenery.

Shimoda has all kinds of marine activities, fishing, crusing, water skying, body boarding, surfing, scuba diving, and wake boarding. Also, wind surfing, and Kayak are popular in Shimoda.

There are lots of Onsen Hotels, public Onsen, and free Foot and Hand Onsen in Shimoda.