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Sendai (仙台) is the biggest city in Tohoku Region located in Miyagi. It is also known as City of Forest "Morino Miyako," because there are many beautiful natures around the city and planted many trees in the city as well. Sendai was developed by famous Samurai, Date Masamune. So, there are many ruins of him including his grave, and people here adore him. For the Tohku Region, Sendai is the center of economy, fashion and entertainments.

Tourist Info.
There is a huge shopping district.

0. at Sendai Station
1. walk out (1 min.)


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Sendai summarized

Sendai is divided into five districts: Aoba-ku, Izumi-ku, Miyagino-ku, Taihaku-ku and Wakabayashi-ku. As everyone here will tell you, "it's not too big and not too small, it's very convenient and it's close to both the sea and the mountains." Sendai is a comfortable and pleasant city ― it's a nice place to live. It's very green ― in fact they call it Mori no Miyako, "Forest City". The main avenues around the city are wide and tree-lined, giving the city an almost European feel. The main shopping street

― confusingly known by two different names, Chuo-dori (中央通り) and Clis Road ― is pedestrianised and covered, so it feels like a mall. Several large universities are located in Sendai, attracting young adults from throughout the Tohoku area.

Gyu Tan, Cow's tongue, is the most popular delicacy in Sendai. There are thousands of Gyu Tan restaurants in Sendai City.

Sendai has the biggest Tanabata Festival in Japan. It starts at Hiratsuka, Kanagawa and finishes at Sendai Arcade. There are hundreds of decoration will be displayed.